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Went shopping

I went shopping today

Yes, I took the opportunity to get in some shopping while I steered Hans around Prenzlaur Berg today. He hadn’t been there for about fifteen years so I decided to make him move by walking around part of the area. He doesn’t move enough and one of my functions is to get him out and walking or cycling when the weather allows.

By chance, I had ordered some new glasses from a shop in this area. I went with Dr. Birgit for she had earlier bought some, and they cost about a third of the price I would have to pay at the well known opticians here. I settled on a pair which I was told made me look younger (What does vanity mean?) and so picked them up today. Very different from my recent round style.

I also bought some shoes because they were on a special offer, then a sweat shirt for my training sessions. Last week I bought two books when I went to Dussmanns and so added them to the picture. They are both about history, and the one about the history of Prussia seems to fit in with the two volume History of Poland I bought in the UK last year. Paying with plastic still seems painless. The shock, as usual, comes later!