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Start of the month

This month started well

I came back from a memorable visit to London and settled into a nice rhythm. Monday teaching then looking after Hans, Tuesday training, cinema afternoon then teaching in the evening, Wednesday free morning and teaching in the afternoon, Thursday training then my Spanish course and in the evening meeting people, or going to an exhibition/concert, Friday teaching then to my Photoshop course. Nearly every Saturday I go out for the day and Sundays I usually reserve as a quiet day for me. Of course, I can ‘mix and match’ most of these to accommodate new things – which I do!

I recently met Ziya again at the ‘Oldie Centre’ where I have my Photoshop course each Friday. He has been in Istanbul a lot lately and so it was nice to see him again. He is a ‘hobby cook’ and so often helps out at the ‘Oldie Centre’. Here is a pic to show him at his hobby. He is not on the course but goes to the centre a lot to meet friends from Turkey, speak in his first language, and play cards, for this is also one of his passions.

He has another problem with his laptop and internet connection so I plan to visit him tomorrow – after Hans – and see if I can help him. I did it before without really knowing what I was doing, so perhaps I shall be successful again.