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Photoshop Course

What do we do on the Photoshop course?

I am one of six retired ‘Oldies’ who go to an ‘Oldie Centre’ at Falkensteinstr. in Kreuzberg. Stefan runs the computer courses in a nice room with six computers. He offers a number of courses including ours on Friday afternoon. We are now using the Photoshop Elements 7 programme which is certainly an improvement on earlier versions. I have Elements 6 at home.

I am now learning how to use ‘ebene’ – layers to lay on a background and so build up a picture by adding things that were not in the original photo/image. You can also change colours, shapes such as extend or distort. It is also a time and place for us to have coffee and cakes and chat before we hit the programme. I really enjoy the meetings.

Here are two photos of things I have created. The first was an image of the street round the corner including me balancing on the U-Bahn line and the second is of an animal’s picnic. Still a lot to learn and looking forward to each Friday session.

PS: Anyone noticed that the elephant is wearing my winter boots?