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Things in March

So what is happening in March 2009?

I started the month in London celebrating Adrian’s big one but on the day of his party Peter Bateson was celebrating his 29th birthday, with his wife and friends in Australia, and no doubt thinking about it being his last before he becomes a father in a short time.

Not a lot of birthdays this month. My old teacher friend Günter Porsch will celebrate on the 22nd March. Bernd, who is also a teacher friend, will celebrate in Bernau with his family on 28th March – just one day before we put the clocks forward one hour to mark the arrival of summer time in central europe.

That is all for birthdays, but to make up for this shortage we could always celebrate the first birthday of my MacBook, and my Asus Eee, towards the end of the month. No? Na ja, it was just an idea!

I have a number of workshops to attend, instal a new computer for Micha, go on two ‘Oldie’ walks and do all the ususal things this month. I hope you have a pleasant time as we slowly swing away from winter into my favourite time of the year. Yes, Spring with all its colours, smells and new delights.