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Adrian’s 50th Party

And so I arrived at Adrian’s 50th Party

I entered a little late, but just in time for the speeches. Adrian spotted me as I entered with my camera in my left hand and a glass of champers in my right hand. He said he had forgotten to organise a photographer and would I stand in. I relied in the affirmative and set our to snip and snap away. I present a few of my photos here. I selected the ones of the family and friends I knew.
I shall try to add the family then just leave you with the rest of my selection.

I shall open with Adrian giving a speech to open the event, then a nice one of Tanja in a very smart outfit, and daughter Charlotte with ‘little’ brother Anton who is nearly 16 but already 6 foot tall. He plays rugby for his school – naturally! Then of different guests and one of Charlotte with her boyfriend Sam who made sure I got back to my Guest House okay. Nice pics with nice memories.

One pic includes a massage for that was also available at the party. What service!