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Snowing again

It’s snowing again

It has been snowing on and off here since last Friday. Nice – for Berlin looks very different when covered in white. I played around with my camera to get photos showing the sun on the trees and snow and other objects.

My Friday course is making me more aware of things around me and how they may look through the lens of a camera. The first shot is from my bedroom window which shows the view at the front of my flat.

This is the view from the back, into the garden and the big tree that dominates the centre of the garden and offers welcome shade in summer.

The third photo is also of the garden but facing away from the tree and directed to the trees forming the border to the next flats. I like the white and blue shades in the photos.

This week has been quiet compared to the previous two weeks when I did a lot of covering for sick and holidaying teachers. At least I have had time to finish my book about the history of Spain. Very interesting and I have decided to buy another on my next visit to the UK.

I am helping Jan with one his thesis papers this week. I have been through the 32pages 🙂 and we are meeting this evening via Skype to discuss my proposed changes. I have also worked on another two documents from a private student and will continue next week. One is based on an excel document so I shall have to brush up my knowledge of excel before we meet. I have got another student working on writing activities, as preparation for an exam in summer, and yesterday we decided to use the internet-computers to assist in the work.

Apart from that, not a lot to report. I am going to my second Spanish class of my new course in about two hours, after which I shall spend some time at the Wellness Club doing my back and leg exercises, before I contact Jan for his work in the evening.

This Saturday I am going to a ‘Double Workshop’ organised by ELTABB, our teachers’ association, so that should be interesting. On Sunday I have nothing planned except more training in the morning, and next week flows into its normal routine ending with my flight to London on Friday – weather permitting!