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Stefan said,”We need more photos of objects”.

Who is Stefan? He leads my Friday afternoon Photoshop course and is a bit of a camera and computer wizard. We recently went onto the streets around the building where we have the course and took lots of shots for background work. We then added lots of objects by adding ‘layers’ to make slightly off-beat pictures, and then realised we were running out of objects, hence Stefan’s plea.

I looked around my flat and took about twelve photos to take along this Friday and so decided to add to this small story about my daily life here. I chose three – which I think best represent the ‘crazy’ things we take, but which look really interested when embedded into a larger picture.

Here, I didn’t include salt and petter pots, oven gloves, an iron, coffee pot, telephone, butter dish and waste paper basket – and a few other objects you find around the house.

I can create a picnic scene using a snow covered park photo as background, then add a river, with boats, flowing through the park on the bank of which I shall set the picnic. I can put some of my new objects onto the picnic cloth. We have photos of animals from a local zoo, including an elephant so I can give him a wristwatch using this clock, then place all the animals around the picnic cloth.

Lots of flow once you start composing the picture. The aim is to learn how to use the many things available in the programme – even though the results are sometimes interesting .

Stefan is hoping to start a beginner computer course for Seniors in the next couple of weeks and Micha has put his name down for the group. He needs the kind of help available in such a group. Happy snapping!