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Going to London

I’m going to London

Flying over for the last weekend in February and this time I am using Ryan Air. I have never flown with them before – the flight price is only €16 but all the taxes and charges bring it to €80! Now that is an interesting statistic and tells us who is making the most money out of cheap flights these days. I can take a special train, or express bus, and be in the centre of London in 45 minutes. London has never been my favourite city but perhaps I shall think better about the dirty and over-expensive place after this trip.

I decided to ‘jet-in’ to help Adrian consume 50th birthday gin’ n tonics and see my lovely god-daughter, Charlotte. I haven’t seen her or her brother for ages, even though I saw her just after her birth in Berlin – a few years ago! Adrian and Tanja said they could organise my stop over at a local guest house called The Charlotte Guest House. How can I not stop there!