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Meal with Nicole

I had a pleasant meal with Nicole last Tuesday evening

We agreed to have our Christmas meeting after the event, so I went along to the VHS Friedrichshein where she was helping with registering new students. I took one photo of her against a poster for French books and a whiteboard.

I used to live 3 minutes walk away and remembered a good Italian restaurant on the corner. It was still there and just as good. Nicole had a fish dish and sipped a light dry wine – as you can see in this photo. I can recommend this restaurant to all and any who visit that part of Berlin.

We caught up on lots of news including the visit she made with husband Schipo, to Hannelore and Peter’s house in the south of France last summer. I decided to do something about that. A memorable evening of stories, smiles, gossip, jokes and we ended with a promise to meet again when I am next in their area. Good to have mobile phones!