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Last Anstalt Visit

Yesterday I went to the ‘Anstalt’ for the last time

I was invited to a large ‘German Breakfast’ starting at 10.30 which runs until lunch time:-) A nice tradition. The reason was the end of the ‘over 58 project’ at the social bookshop where I worked for a short time by helping with their English language section – and Jutta’s decision to go into early retirement.

Jutta is The Boss and she is a truly wonderful women. We got on immediately and I sometimes talk to her husband, Gerald in English for he likes to practice his language skills. He has a health problem and now has to move about in a wheelchair. Jutta is taking early retirement mainly to look after him and we have agreed to meet up for breakfast in my garden in early summer.

Here are a few pics of Jutta with her ‘gang’ most of whom I know, and half of which will be unemployed from tomorrow when the project for the elderly closes- pity! I have nice memories of working with them. I look forward to seeing her and Gerald in the New Year. In case you wonder which one is Jutta – she has short gray hair, wears glasses and is in all the photos – except one.