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Werner’s visit

Werner came at the start of December

I met him again at the Happy Gang meeting at the end of November and he agreed to come over and give me some tips about Adobe Photoshop. He is an expert and likes working on photos with this programme.

He brought me a series of photos taken of him and his wife on their summer holiday in the north of Italy. Superb shots and with interesting additions by Werner to make them shine even more.

We had a busy afternoon in the course of which I took some photos. He had never worked on an iMac before, nor with Photoshop in English, but it didn’t take him long to adjust and then take me on a tour of the programme.

We agreed to meet again in the New Year and for him to teach me more about Photoshop. My course ended today for the holiday, but will start again on Friday 6 January at 2.00pm. You know where I shall be at that time!