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The Happy Gang

I saw the Happy Gang this morning
I haven’t seen them for five or more years. What a nice surprise. I met Werner B. recently and then he called me and invited me to meet The Happy Gang again.

Who are they? Many years ago, when Hobbits and Gremlins ruled the earth, I arrived in Berlin and started teaching at the VHS-Marzahn. I advertised an advanced English course each Wednesday morning, and that was the start of a group I later called The Happy Gang.

They became so good that they didn’t need a teacher anymore and I moved onto other contracts. Fortunately, Werner B. kept the group together and they meet twice a month at a Community Centre and continue to improve their English skills.

When I arrived, Werner R. was in mid flow about his recent trip to Dresden and other places in Saxony where he grew up, so I took a photo of him presenting his report. On the left of this photo is Werner B.. Werner R. is an expert on Adobe Photoshop so I hope to see him again to get some tips. As you know, I go to a course each Thursday afternoon to learn this programme.

In the other photos you can see Rita trying to work out which end of her camera to use 🙂 and then I got a shot of the group. I must say that many of them have not aged at all. I felt very happy to be back with my best ‘Oldie’ group. I think my sister, Pauline, would like to meet them when she visits next March. I think she and Rita will have a great time talking about dusting and housework in general!