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Sad and Happy

Yesterday was both sad and happy

It was sad to go to Birgit’s family grave where we put fir leaves and winter flowers onto the grave. Today is ‘Totensonntag’ when people visit family graves and put special winter displays onto the grave, as we did. From sad to happy when we saw Birgit’s son Robert again, with Heike and Dr. Birgit. Marita was not in Berlin so could not come but sent her commiserations.

We met in a restaurant near my place and caught up on news. I took these photos. Heike brought back a scarf and hat for Robert from her trip to New Zealand and so I couldn’t resist a shot of him trying them on. I also got a shot of Heike with smiling eyes in a very good photos of her.

We are next going to meet just before Christmas at my place which I am looking forward to.

Later I went to a Kaffee und Kuchen session in Kreuzberg and here is a photo of the delicious cakes we had with our coffee. Both were home made. Mmmm tasty!