Left bed

Busy Week

I had a busy week – almost as busy as the week before

Regular visits to my Spanish classes, to Hans, and to a new student at the Institute, my private students all back and visits to the doctors. I am now on one ‘beta-blocker’ tablet a day because my blood pressure is too high and last Friday I gave samples for testing at a laboratory. I had my last visit to my skin-allergy doctor and injection this year. Next appointment is mid January.

The week ended on a happy note as I went to one of our teacher association workshops yesterday morning. It was titled ‘Ten Ways to Teach Grammar’, and given by Dominic, one of our active members. I really enjoyed the event and being with so many other teachers to swap stories with in the break.

I took a few photos to send to members which I also post here. Some of you may remember Teresa who is above, on the right, wearing a red top.