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My Events in November

So what shall I be doing in November?

Each Monday I shall be visiting Hans to check that he has showered and shaved, put clean clothes on and cleaned his room before I take him out. He choses a restaurant and so we try to get him back into ‘normal’ society. Not always easy for he has virtually stopped communicating with anyone. I sometimes think this is simply that he has nothing to say.

I understand this for when I had to leave India and landed in a completely strange England, I also had nothing to say. Talking about my life in India was like speaking Chinese to a deaf person, and I did not understand, or accept, the neo-liberal, selfish, money-only-value society the English had built in my absence. I sometimes think he senses this and so I am the only one he accepts.

I shall continue with my Spanish lessons each Monday evening and Thursday afternoon. Also with my Photoshop course each Thursday afternoon. I will also teach some private students this month as well as take on a 1:1 student at the Institute. I have also agreed to deputize there in December.

I also have my appointments each week for injections for my allergies and skin problem. Talking of health: I notice I have more pains on the right part of my heart and that since I stopped training at the end of June, that my upper body is expanding although I have lost 1 kilo. I put this down to muscle changing to fat and will watch this carefully until the end of the year and then decide to return to training, or not.

There are some teacher association events this month, mainly workshops for which I have booked a place. There is also a walk with the Sporty Oldies this month which I plan to join. I’m meeting Heike at the end of the month to take flowers to Birgit’s grave for it is ‘Totensonntag’ then.

And so I shall end the month with lots of reports and photos from some of you to share with other members of my family and friends – for that is what this blog is all about.