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Paul leaves India-Pakistan

I got an e-mail from Paul with pictures. I decided to reduce all and post to my blog because they were taken as he left India to go to Pakistan from where I think he has moved to another country. You know that I lived in these countries many years ago, so it is always special to get news and photos and re-live my time there again.

I start with a pic of Paul in the middle of a field and then pics of a town, hotels, restaurants including one owned by Mr Gupta – for I can read it in the sign above the family cooking in the open kitchen. These photos must have been taken in India, probably in Delhi for the language is Hindi. He had to travel through Punjab to get to Pakistan and there the language is Punjabi and Urdu in Pakistan – neither of which are in his photos. Sound like Sherlock Holmes, don’t I?

Toilet humour we can see in his two photos of the museum and a shot inside. Luxury – when I was there we used a field! Now to the photos and I shall try to present them in the above order – didn’t work out. Okay, let’s start with the toilets! More news and photos please, Paul.