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October overview

Birthdays in October 2008

Starting a new month and thinking where did the summer go?

So to birthdays. Micha starts the month with his 69th birthday on Saturday 4th October. I have prepared a computer as a birthday present and will show it, and his party later. My nephew, and new father, Andrew will be 31 on Sunday 5th October and Birgit Brandt will be celebrating her 40+ birthday with Ian in London on the same day. She looks like 25 and her idea of fun is to jump out of planes with a parachute and glide to earth. Take a bottle of ‘Champers’ with you this time and sip it as you glide to earth, Birgit!

On Saturday 11th October, dear Tessa would have celebrated her birthday in Brighton. She committed suicide many years ago and is still sadly missed by family and friends, including me. I first met her when I was forced to return from India and housed in a University of Sussex student home (I hated it!) and she was my neighbour (She made it bearable). Interesting times mixed with the shock of suddenly being thrown into a totally different world than my previous research world in the north of India.

Next day, Sunday 12th October, my nephew Warren will be celebrating his 32nd birthday. How time flies – it seems only yesterday that he and his brother Jefferson and cousin Andrew were at school. Now they are all in their early 30ies. His mother, Frances (my dear little sister) will be 62 on Tuesday 14th October. Even with children in their 30s it is still a shock for me to think that we are now in our 60s and all but I are grandparents.

My ex- friend Marita will be 57 on Tuesday 21st October. I have been invited to her birthday ‘bash’ that evening so I may be able to post a few pics and a report. Watch this space!

Apart from Nicholas, I have dropped off the radar of the Bolton family and this goes with his mother Dianne who will be 62 on Monday 27th October. Stop feeling guilt about Ian and enjoy your birthday, Dianne!

As usual, the month ends with dear Tanja who will be 45 on the last day of the month. What a pity we have not met in so many years but we still keep in touch. Have a great day with Adrian and the children.

And so I shall go through October with thoughts about these people, but unfortunately with past reference for most are not resident in Berlin.