Left bed

A lot of visitors

I had a lot of visitors yesterday!
It started when Max arrived to help me end the contract for my business web page. We retired to my local Czech restaurant and had a very tasty lunch before resuming work. I have now opened the same advert, but on another server, and one I don’t have to pay! Thanks Max. The pic is of him playing with my ‘baby’ Asus. He liked it.

For afternoon ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’, Birgit arrived, then Micha and so we relaxed and caught up with what each had been doing and all the others things you talk about over coffee. I took this pic. Later, Petra arrived followed by ‘Oldie’ Hermann. Nice to see my flat hosting so many people.

Today I took delivery of another old computer system, and wasted hours on playing around with it and seeing what it could do. It runs on a German language Windows 98 system with Microsoft Word package as an office programme. I am giving it to Micha so that he can continue to learn when he starts his VHS Computer für Senioren Kurs in two weeks. Keep learning Micha!