Left bed

Late summer uncertain weather day in Berlin today.
I watched Germany win 0:6 at football yesterday evening on TV. Had a generally pleasant week to start the month. Got some nice feedback via e-mail about my August updates to this Blog – but a negative comment from Barbara in that she found it strange reading from ‘back to front’.

Actually I still find it strange writing it that way! But, the idea is that the designers of such blogs decided that the latest news should always appear as the first thing you can see – hence the going back to find the beginning. I am getting used to it now – keep at it Barbara and you’ll also get used to it.

The big ‘shock’ this week was that workmen installed two benches on the grill area where I used to sit, entertain, work, sleep, teach. I can always set up shop next to them. Here is a pic.

Today I should be stuffing our teacher association newsletter and flyers into envelopes. I got everything ready, including drinks for my thirsty co-workers ( see photo) then got a call late yesterday to say it was all off. The reason is that the secretary’s father is dying and so she has not got the labels ready. Sad news but we can always stuff the envelopes later. Hence, I have time to update this blog!