Left bed

Wow! Jan started a Blog yesterday. I have already visited it and was the first person to add a comment. Nice idea to share his experiences while on Rhode Island.

He arrived okay last week after the flight and a cold and some days in New York. I have added a few pics of the house and area and his room and the terrace where there will surely be a lot of grilling. I also added a pic of his room-mates. They are from Germany and I know them all but one. The big chap is Norman who is a very cheerful character with an appetite for life!

Although you can visit and see for yourself I decided to add some news and a few pics for those of you who would find such a transfer difficult, and he has not embedded his pics in his Blog but in another url. Yes, not all my readers are hot shot techie savvy people!

I look forward to more news and pics and I shall add a summary to my blog for those who want to know how he is.

The pics I now add are of him asleep on the local beach, his room, the house, the terrace, the house with his silver SUV, the sea front of the town where he is living and the gang he is sharing the house with. Most are from his university in Germany but studying different things to do with engineering and construction.

The url/link to his page is:- http://janinrhodeisland.blogspot.com/