Left bed

Saturday 30th August 2008. I went to S-Bahn Friedrichsfelde Ost and met Heike (Birgit’s sister) and Burkhard. Birgit Fedor was on the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) and couldn’t join us. Marita has long ago disappeared into post-cancer operation isolation and has no contact with any of us. We fear the reason is to continue into the spiral of smoking and the bottle alone!

It is four years since Birgit’s early death, which is still a shock to most of us, and we wanted to meet to share some time at her grave and just talk about what a wonderful women she was.

We left flowers and had a little discussion about the words on the grave. Heike said it was her father’s request that these words appeared on his/her/family grave. I commented that the writer was an athiest and so we had a short discussion about that.

Later we had coffee and cake before moving onto the IFA. There are a few pics of our meeting to celebrate the life of Birgit Gast – and to still wonder at the gap she has left in our lives.