Left bed

And so what is there to do the rest of this week?
Tomorrow afternoon I am going to a ‘Multi-Kulti’ Centre in Kreuzberg. Ziya is a member and invited me to their ‘grill party’ in the afternoon. Perhaps Annemarie and Franziska will be there. I think I went to this event last year – they even had ‘gypsy’ singers and dancers if I remember right!

In the evening I am going to the eltabb ‘stammtisch’. It is a monthly meeting of teachers and tomorrow it is being held on a restaurant-ship moored on the banks of the River Spree in Treptower Park. Should be interesting to meet other members and find out what they have been doing over summer.

On Saturday, I am meeting Heike and taking flowers to Birgit’s grave. Heike wants to eat in the little Bömisch restaurant near my place and after we are going to the IFA in Berlin. It is an international exhibition of all things to do with electrical consumer things – including computers. Heike works in the ‘computer area’ so she is interested and I have never been before so am interested in a new experience.

On Sunday I have no plans so perhaps I shall settle down to read some of the books I brought back from my recent visit to the UK. If the weather is good then I shall leave the books and cycle somewhere. Perhaps one of the ‘oldies’ will call me and so come along. Have a nice weekend wherever you are and whatever you do.