Left bed

On 11 August I settled back into Berlin life after my stay in England. The week started with a visit from Micha and Detlef. Jan and Arancha arrived two days later.

As you may know, Micha was in one of my Oldie groups and now I am helping him to learn how to use a computer. Deflef is a friend of his and I had only met him once before. Micha asked if we could meet before he went to a ‘Kur’. That means you go to a place a bit like a hospital and hotel and relax and try to get fit or lose weight – or anything else to do with health.

I agreed and the weather was good so we had a great time,. As you can see, Micha talked most of the time! Detlef and I are good listeners. A really nice time and with good food. Micha is now on his ‘Kur’ and I hope he comes back rested and fitter for this time there. Then back to computer learning.