Left bed

And so I arrived in Silsden. Here is dear sister Frances and dear cousin Barbara with ‘Marley’ – the dog!

I have added a few pics of Skipton, which is a market town to the north of Silsden with a castle and canals in additon to a river.

It also has my favourite old book shop where I can buy things that are surplus from other shops. Interesting what you can find and they are much cheaper. I bought six book and carried them back to Berlin.

Three pics of Skipton near the centre – and this is where I had my first pork pie made by a local butcher. Mmmmh!

This is the little house where my nephew Andrew lives. It it owned by a family friend and is ideal for him. Two floors and every thing you want. Andrew also has a room at this parents when he feels like staying there – ideal arrangement!

Me trying to Keep-Fit on Warren’s machine! He makes it look very easy.

And so I had a nice first meeting in Silsden before preparing to go to Leeds to meet Alan and Lynne where the next part of the story begins.