Left bed

The weekend after I arrived back from the UK, I went to Peter and Andre’s wedding.
Peter was in one of my advanced groups at Marzahn Volkshochschule. We kept in touch and then some years ago he met Andre. They lived in an inner city part of Berlin before buying a house outside Berlin.

Very nice and rural but not easy to get to. It was a nice day so I took the S-Bahn and my bicycle. I got there just in time to see the event and enjoy a glass of Champagne before going to their home for the wedding party with lots of food and drink.

One additional, and unplanned, show was a fire at a local tyre merchant. It certainly drew the attention of the police, fire service and local TV who sent a helicopter over to film and show it on the evening news.

I really enjoyed the evening and spent longer than planned – perhaps because I also met other students from the class who I hadn’t seen for years – such as Katja with her husband (just above).

Good luck for the future Peter and Andre.