Left bed

I took these pics of the view from my kitchen looking onto the balcony and garden in early summer. I was asked to just take some pics to be used on the cover of our teacher association magazine representing what summer meant for me.

I thought about it for some time then decided on this view for it is the first I see each morning when I stagger out of bed, lurch into the bathroom and then into the kitchen to open curtains and squint out to see what the weather is like. Same routine each season but when I see these colours then my brain tells the rest of me that it is summer! My favourite season. I really like April and May – at least I was born at the best time of the year!

This summer I sat on my balcony, had a light breakfast and finished off two interesting books. I can really recommend them. The first is ‘God is not Great’ by Christopher Hitchens. The second is, ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. I suggest you read them in this order although I read in the reverse order!

I think all religious people should read them and then ask honest questions to themselves about the basis of their ‘belief’ and the nature of organised religion. Not a nice history and both writers believe, as I do, that religion is very dangerous for the future of ‘humankind’ just as it was in the past. Read the books for they have been translated into many languages.

Dawkins has a great web page. Visit and then bookmark for quick return reading of latest news and stories. Pity that Dawkins has received death threats just for expressing his views and these death threats are from religious believers and practitioners! Here is a link to his web page. www.richarddawkins.net

Now to show you my balcony in early summer. No I can’t — they start the story! I must still be doing something wrong. Perhaps I should start with the pics and then add text – but why can’t I add text wrap around each picture? Hello Google — why not?