Left bed

So I joined in the celebrations for Emma. She has a big personality and warmth with a large friendly smile. You always feel better after spending some time with her. These are a couple of pics showing here with Lydia, who started the season with her birthday in mid-May.
Emma is wearing the white top.

There was Jutta’s birthday to celebrate at the ‘BucherStübe’ , where I used to work on a project. Very nice women with great personalities and I am happy that we still keep in contact and invited to share birthdays and other events – even though I don’t work there anymore.

The birthday breakfast started with a song from Gabi and then a large and tasty breakfast. I took my ‘Baby’ Asus to show Jutta because I know she likes all things to do with computers.

Here I have pics of her opening and using the ‘Baby’. Happy memories of a nice morning – and then I got an invitation to return for Emma’s birthday party.