Left bed

I had lunch with Hans mother and sister yesterday. I met them at the main railway station and then went down a few stops to a nice area where I got my first job in Berlin – and met Hans in the first class – and then later taught at the British Council Teaching Centre which was there for a number of years.

I took him to his mother’s 82 birthday party in spring. She is very lively and active and even goes to an English Senior Club each week where the members practice and keep their English up to date.

A week earlier I had taken Hans on a bicycle tour to the south east of Berlin. It was along one of the waterways and we found a nice restaurant with seats overlooking the water.

The cigarette before, during and after! He is a chain smoker so you really can say that he eats between cigarettes!

Next week we are having a trip to Bernau, which is a nice historical town to the north of Berlin. He has never been there, but I used to work there so know it quite well. The week after I shall be with him on his bi-monthly visit to the hospital for injections, followed by a visit to a local restaurant he likes. A week after that I shall take him on a cycle tour to the east of Berlin and then end with coffee and cakes in his sisters house-garden where we shall meet her husband and sons. The day after, I am flying to the UK to see some of my family and friends. I’m looking forward to it for I haven’t been there for two years.